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Welcome to the BEAR A WITNESS  campaign. 

We are not asking you to fund, donate or volunteer. Just an act of kindness to a homeless person who you may see on your journeys in your everyday lives is all we are asking for. This could be by offering a blanket, a cup of tea, a sandwich, stopping for a chat or even just a smile. There are a lot of people already showing this love on the street and we will like to use this blog to highlight these stories and encourage more people to get involved. 

Homelessness is a huge issue on a global scale and regardless of what the governments and charities are doing, let's individually demonstrate our sense of community spirit and the act of kindness to those that really need it. 

Please share your stories and thoughts on these acts of kindness. The target is to hit 1 million comments by the end of 2018 and with your help, we can do this. 

Ed Accura

Janice Kobelsky

Janice Kobelsky


Guest Writer of the Week : Janice Kobelsky

It's a simple yet profound way to show respect & caring + #encourage & #inspire growth. Expand your own #influence, too. Learn to truly and genuinely #listen.

I was especially touched by Andrew Porter's comment: "Today is a beautiful day. Can you imagine what it's like to have no money or clean water. Of course u could pee in a cup bury it with a charcoal filter and filter it over night. Survival. Or you generous wonderful people could bring an extra bottle of water with u and give one out. Compassion is the leading cause of happiness in this world let's enjoy the sun and share what little we have with those that need it. Even if you just fill a bottle with tap water u may hydrate someone!" 

It reminds me that we ALL have something to share. That there is no act of kindness that is 'too small'. Each of us can make a difference.

We will be highlighting the works of a Special Guest Writer every week. This could be a Story, Poem or just some Words of encouragement. email us on or in the message section if you would like to be a guest writer.


The Bear A Witness Story

I said if as a result of this song and video, even one person showed an act of kindness towards a homeless person, it would have been worth writing it. There have been thousands and with your help let’s make this a million. 

Ed Accura

I said if as a result of this song and video, even one person showed an act of kindness towards a homeless person, it would have been worth writing it. There have been thousands and with your help let’s make this a million.

Ed Accura

Bear a Witness was inspired by a conversation with a homeless man on a cold street of London a week before Christmas 2016. I spent some time chatting with this very lovely homeless gentleman who through a series of unfortunate events and twist of fate had been living on the streets for the last 4 years. He, unfortunately, passed away not too long after our meeting. The song Bear A Witness pays homage to this gentleman and the struggles on the street as a homeless person. 

In order to capture the reality of the homeless situation, we decided to shoot the video in a real-life environment near Dalston Station in East London, which is renowned for homeless sleeping.  The director thought it would be a good idea to leave me sitting in position for 30 min with no camera in sight just to get into character. Passersby had no idea I was shooting a video. People either looked straight through me or at me with pity or disgust. It was a total eye-opener. 

Eradicating homelessness is above my pay grade but I can and will do all I can to support the governments and charities. What I can do through music and with your help is to change the perception on how we react to the homeless. All profits from this single are being donated to the Shelter charity but with the way music is consumed these days the real success is not on the sale but rather the message. I would rather have someone show an act of kindness to a homeless person than download the single. 

1000’s of people have confirmed that as a result of this video they have engaged with a homeless person which makes it all worthwhile. 

Just a chat and cup of tea with a homeless person goes a long way. Even if we can’t afford a cup of tea, just a chat makes so much of a difference. With your help, we will make that change. 

I initially said that if as a result of this song and video, even one person showed an act of kindness towards a homeless person then it would have been worth writing it. With your help let’s make this a million people. 

Ed Accura.

We are proud to have the support of a number of passionate, high-profile celebrity supporters. 

 Greg Wood - (Actor inc Hollyoaks) Nicole Barber Lane ( Actress inc Hollyoaks) Miss Grace J Teale (Model) Laura Alicia (Ex On The Beach) Melissa Cole (UK leading Beer judge) Adam Dandy (Co-founder of Chester Homeless Charity) Daniel Stewart (Actor including Star Trek) Jeremy Sheffield (Actor inc Hollyoaks) Matthew Ryder (Deputy Mayor of London) Gwen Lowe (Deputy Mayor of Kirklees) Natalie Rowe (Author) Fox Fisher Co-creator My Genderation, Les Dannis (TV Presenter) George Clarke (British Architect) George Clinton (American singer) Donna Deeney (Belfast Telegraph Journalist) Donna Air (Media personality including Dancing On Ice) Soul Clap (American DJ and production duo) GIGGS (Rapper) Tina-Marie Miller (Author – Every Thing Happened For A reason) Chris Mason (Professional Darts Player) Jack Collison (Footballer) Clare Hepworth OBE (Conservative Party) Neville Southall (Footballer) Carleen Anderson (Singer) Gillian Hamill (Film Producer) Danny John-Jules (Actor in Red Dwarf) Cheryl Fergison (Actress inc EastEnders) Gigi Cesare (Actress) Faye Brookes (Actress inc Coronation Street) Ryan Thomas (Actor including Coronation Street) Stanley Cohen (FBA was a sociologist and criminologist,) Brooke Lewis (Actress) Alice Lowe (Actress) Jane Badler (Actress) Perez Hilton (American blogger) Josh Devine (Drummer – including One Direction) Danielle Lloyd (Glamour Model) Nitin Ganatra (Actor inc EastEnders) Annette Badland (Actress) Helen Lederer (Comedian) Mandy Baggot (Writer) Rozalla (Singer) DJ Cool V (Hip-hop DJ) Reggie Mills (Musical artist) Jason Watkins (Actor) Wiley (Recording Artist) DJ Semtex (DJ) Charlie Edwards (Boxer) Colin Fletcher (Fighter) Aaron Chalmers (TV Actor) Daniel Whiston (Figure skater) Nadel Paris (Artist) Greg Roberts (Musician) Marc Zammit (Actor) Sharon Davies MBE (Swimmer) Clodagh McKenna (Author) Dave Pearce (DJ) 

...........and the list keeps growing.

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